Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) The Idaho Department of Water Resources has released its annual April Forecast Supply. For ground water users, the news isn't looking to good.

While most reservoirs in Southern Idaho are looking good, the Department of Water Resources has issued a mitigation order to cut back on available ground water for hundreds of farmers in the area. 89,000 acre feet of water to be exact. Out of the 7 irrigation districts in Southern Idaho, American Falls Reservoir District #2 and the Twin Falls Canal Company will see the biggest impact.

American Falls is looking at a shortfall of roughly 15,000 acre feet. While the Twin Falls Canal Company has the most to make up for, at just over 73,000 acre feet. The purpose of the mitigation order is to fulfill the needs of surface irrigation and to cut back on the impact ground water pumping has done on the aquifers.

The State is aware of the seriousness of this order, and is now giving those who are impacted three options. First, a reconsideration of the order.  Second, a request for a hearing.  And third, a straight forward appeal.