BOISE, Idaho (KTVB) -- Idaho medical, military, and law enforcement officials say they are doing everything possible to be ready for an Ebola case. On Monday, Gov. Butch Otter met with several agencies to learn more about exactly how those organizations are preparing. "I'm confident that we are as prepared as you can be in a fluid situation," said Otter. Idaho has what's called a state regional response hazardous materials team. It's a group of agencies ready to plan the response for any major emergency, and this time it's the threat of Ebola. Dr. Christine Hahn is the medical director for Idaho's Department of Health and Welfare.

She says every involved agency in the state is taking steps to stay educated on protocol. So from the ambulances, to the airport, to hospitals and health departments, Idaho's regional response hazardous materials team says the plans are in place. Officials say they've been holding discussions and workshops for weeks, educating medical workers on the dangerous disease. If a patient suspected of having Ebola designates Idaho as their destination in one of those screenings, their name and contact information will be given to our state's health department, which can then follow up once that person is here in Idaho.