What was it like in Idaho more than 60 years ago? I can't answer that since I wasn't born back then. But, thanks to Ebay, you can now take a look back to the past and see what our roads were like back in 1955.

There is a vintage 1955 Idaho map on Ebay. There are several things that impressed me about this piece of retro history.

1. We should start using the log cabin font again

2. There is a reason why the figure out the distance between cities graph had to die

3. We can blame many of our modern problems on highways

OK, so I'm kidding about the problems being blamed on the highways, more or less. But, that log cabin font is just all kinds of awesome.

I'm also not kidding about the graph people used to use to figure out how far away cities were from each other. Locate Twin Falls on the top of the graph, then Pocatello on the bottom and then use some alien form of algebra to determine distance.

No and nope.

The seller is only asking around 10 bucks for this map. It's a sweet bit of Idaho highway and road history for just a few coins.