Have you ever flipped a house? And, no, it does not count if you had a mobile home fall off a trailer on I-84. I'm talking about buying a home, renovating it, then selling it for a profit. One city in Idaho is ranked among the best for doing this and making some money.

Wallet Hub crunched a bunch of numbers which factored in the local housing market, quality of life, renovation and remodeling costs and crazy lists of other data. When all was said and done, only one Idaho metro made the top 150 in the country.

Congratulations (again), Boise. Our friends in the (relatively) big city rank as the #6 best city to flip a house in.

Source: WalletHub

The funny thing to me is that the HGTV hit show "Flip or Flop" is filmed in California which rank as some of the worst areas of the country to make money house flipping. Is that home renovation irony I smell?