The City of Twin Falls has issued a Boil Water Advisory for about 150 residents in the Fairview Estates and Rock Creek Manor neighborhoods. This is a precautionary measure to protect residents following a water main break that occurred near the Twin Falls Golf Club on Wednesday afternoon.

( Although the cause of the water main break has not yet been determined, about 150 homes are experiencing fluctuations in water pressure. The Twin Falls Golf Club and businesses directly north of the golf club are also affected.

City workers are on the scene to isolate the ruptured line and restore water pressure to residents in the area. The city will continue to monitor the situation and will provide updates to the public. as they become available.

A Boil Water Advisory is a precautionary measure that encourages water users to do the following:

- Boil drinking water
- Drink bottled water
- Use a certified filtration unit for drinking water
- Water is safe for all other uses, and does not require boiling or treatment
- Restaurants and food retailers should contact South Central Public Health District for guidance

Any restaurants or food retailers how may have been impacted are encouraged to contact the South Central Public Health District for guidance and information at the link below: