Wendell, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) The Wendell School District is looking to voters on November 4th to help make a significant investment in the local high school. Maintaining current facilities is what the voters in Wendell are being asked to approve. The Wendell School District is looking for two separate items. First is an annual – ten year – $250,000– Plant Facility Levy. If approved by the voters, residents could see an increase on their yearly taxes. For an average $100,000 home an additional 93 cents a week or $4.01 monthly increase would be in effect.

The second item for the school district is a 1.5 million dollar Bond. With approval from voters the district already has three major projects slated for those moneys. First is the roof on the High School Gymnasium. The second is the student parking lot on the west–end of the high school campus. And the third project is the roof over on the actual High School. Much like the Facility Levy, if approved, voters would see an increase to their taxes. This bond comes with a 34 cents weekly increase, with a monthly increase of $1.46. In total, if both Levy and Bond are passed, residents in Wendell could see and weekly increase of $1.27 with a monthly increase of $5.47.

Also in Gooding County. The City of Hagerman is asking voters to approve a 20 year – 10 million dollar – special revenue bond. With that bond going to upgrade the city's sewer system. If approved residents could see a significant monthly increase of almost 35 to 40 dollars on their sewer bill.