This is one of those stats we don't even need to read to understand that Idaho has a problem. So many tragedies. Too many young lives lost. Idaho is ranked as one of the least safe states for teenage drivers. Beyond the numbers is a question. What can we do?

Wallet Hub has the numbers and they do not tell a good story about teenage drivers in Idaho. Out of all the states, we rank at #44.

Source: WalletHub

The factors are many in determining teenage driving safety. Number of fatalities, traffic laws and road conditions are just a few.

But, what to do? Some states have adopted Graduated Driver License programs. Here are the basics of what the program looks like in Idaho from the Idaho Department of Transportation website.

Under the GDL Program, you will be required to complete a minimum six-month violation-free supervised instruction period, during which you must:

  • be accompanied by a supervising person at least 21 years old with a valid driver's license who is occupying the seat beside you (no other passengers are allowed in the front seat),
  • assure that all occupants are wearing seat belts or child restraints if required,
  • have the Supervised Instruction Permit (SIP) in your immediate possession while driving,
  • observe all laws regarding alcohol and other intoxicating substances, and
  • accumulate at least 50 hours of supervised driving time, ten hours of which must be at night

With this program in place, we still hear too many stories of terrible accidents involving teens. What can we do?

For more information, you can visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's website.