A home is usually the largest purchase anyone will ever make (unless you count all those student loans). Have you ever wondered what you could have bought had you opted to keep on living in your parent's basement instead of buying a home?

Well, wonder no more. The geniuses over at the Estately Blog have figured it all out for you. Since the average house in Idaho has a value of $160,500 you could buy 385 elk tags as a non-resident - even more if you live here. You could also buy any of the items they listed for states with lower home values.

You could buy your own jet pack, 6,248 Trump hats, 565 days of continuous laser tag games, or armor for 5 guinea pigs.

This blog is great because most of the time when I buy things I don't need, I think of it as "I could buy this item, or I could buy this much food at McDonald's'. Now I can start comparing it to how many guinea pig helmets I could buy.