Some people are better at using their money more wisely than others and seem to be able to stretch a dollar. I'm not one of those people. Most certainly though everyone would like to have more money. 

Why do we want more money? Everyone has their reasons but usually it is simply we don't seem to have enough to take care of our families. Zippia research just did a study to find out on average how much money a family of three (mom, dad, and one kid) needs to make each year to live. Idaho actually came in on the low end for our cost of living. We are in the bottom 5 states. They say we need to make just under $46,000 a year to support a small family. Some of our neighboring states like Oregon, Nevada, and Washington have living wages over $50k.

The reason becomes apparent here as to why we need more money - a good number of us have more than 1 kid. I've got 4 kids and I don't make $46,000 so now I have a science research reason why I need more money!