Hollywood is out of ideas, but I don't care. I actually think it is good that they are stuck and have started looking back at franchises that they can leech off of. Not just in movies but in TV too. We already have a reboot of Boy Meets World (Girl Meets World), the X-Files, Full House (Fuller House), Heroes, and they are even working on a reboot of Coach.

This is brilliant! I can't be alone on this when I say I want to know what happened to my favorite shows characters. If I could see a spinoff of M*A*S*H or Friends I would be extremely happy!

Really the one show that I miss that I watched as a kid and always felt sad that it didn't end how I wanted was Quantum Leap. What ever happened to Sam - does he ever make it home? Maybe Al has been working on getting him a few more leaps and finally figures out how to help him or at least get back in touch with him. Does Ziggy ever get reliable reception or a voice upgrade like Siri?