When I was just married and without kids traveling was easy. We had a 1995 Honda Civic that got great gas mileage and had a great sound system. Front seats of the car were for my wife an I (and loads of drinks and snacks) and the back seat and trunk was loaded with bags. It isn't that easy any more. We had to make the hard choice to move onto soccer mom status with a mini van.

Now we are a family of 6 and just loading all of our stuff into the vehicle is as stressful as planning the vacation! We have a van and a truck that have enough seats for the whole family and storage room for everything. In the truck it all goes outside in the bed and in the van it all gets packed in around everyone which is a bit of a hassle but it does get better gas mileage thank the truck. Though, the truck can tow summer toys like a camper and boat, the van has the DVD system to help entertain the kids.

Sure all vehicles are different with different features and you can find the perfect one for you at Rob Green Nissan Hyundai. Vans with extra cargo space, trucks with entertainment systems, SUV's with tow packages, and if your family is small they have loads of great cars!

Kirby Butler at Rob Green recently handed me a set of keys and ran me through the features of the 2015 Nissan Titan Pro 4X and pretty much sold me that a truck is the best travel vehicle.


So which vehicle is best for your Summer family travels?  Is a truck better than a van or is an SUV better than both?