Maybe you've heard that the Idaho Raffle is now officially sold out. That means potentially one of us will be rolling in money soon. So, perhaps we should plan what we'll be doing with all that money. Here are just a few of our ideas. Feel free to add your own.

If you're confused when I mention Idaho Raffle, this is the part where somebody hopefully wins a million dollars.

I've given this an unhealthy amount of thought and have determined that I would do the following if I win. As always, I plan to be as responsible with the money as possible. (*ahem*)

1. Build escalators next to Blue Lakes so I never have to drive on it again.


2. Replace all the rattlesnakes in the Canyon with poodles


3. Rainbow Oreos for everyone!


4. Give the Idaho State Patrol attack helicopters to keep the losers on I-84 in line


5. Buy the Twin Falls City Council their own cheerleaders to help them make good decisions

NBC via Giphy

These are just my ideas. But, there are a couple of problems. First, I realize some of these ideas may cost more than a million dollars. Bigger problem #2, I don't gamble and did not buy a ticket.

So, it's all on you now. What would you do if you won the Idaho Raffle million? Winner is announced on January 5, so you better hurry.