It is definitely not my job to label anyone, but apparently what coffee you order directly ties into what type of person you are.

While I usually think these kinds of lists are made up, I wanted to see if my coffee order reflected who I was. To be honest, the list proved to be pretty accurate not just with me but my family and my co-workers.

Check out the Dog House Diaries list and see if your coffee order matches up with your personality.

  • Espresso - Friendly and adaptive.
  • Double Espresso - Practical and hard working.
  • Mocha - Creative and fun-loving.
  • Cappuccino - Warm-hearted and oblivious
  • Iced Coffee - Assertive and Outspoken
  • Frappuccino - Happy and Energetic
  • Americano - Calm, Conscientious and enjoy the simple things in life.
  • Traditional Macchiato - Traditional and reserved
  • Latte - Indecisive and reflective

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