What would you say is the most annoying Facebook status?  Here's a start.

Thoughtcatalog published an article with the Six Facebook Statuses That Need to Stop Right Now.  Seems pretty spot on. 

  1. The Cliffhanger - "Worst day ever," or, "I wish that didn't just happen," with no explanation.
  2. The Shocker - "in the E.R," or, "Just fell off a building and paralyzed from the neck down," etc.
  3. The Private Message - "I hate it when bitches be all like, 'Clean up the bathroom.'  I mean, clean it yaself."
  4. The Friend Dump - "Congratulations, just cleaned my friends list and you are still on it."
  5. The Minute to Minute Update - "On the terlet now, ew."
  6. The Overly Hashtagged - #i #am #havingsuch #agreatday #alsograteful #o'doylerules

I would like to add these:

  1. The I'm-Better-Off-Without-You - "Oh my GOOOOOD divorce feels so good!"
  2. Political Slander - "Ya know who sucks worse than my Dyson?  The same guy who started this OBAMANATION.  #mybutt2016"
  3. Multiple Romantic Pictures a Day - "I loooooooove this woman!  She is my errrthing.  Also, you'll never guess why we both have disheveled hair and a dreamy look on our faces."