Yesterday, I got a phone call from my daughter at the Elementary School that she was going out to recess, and it was too cold, so she needed me to bring her a coat. Of course, I took her a coat - but my first thought was that it isn't that bad out there and if she wasn't cold on the way to school why is is cold now?

Turns out that yesterday she was right and it had gotten colder in the afternoon thanks to the wind. Are we no longer in sweater weather in Idaho? We don't have any snow yet and our afternoon temps are still in the 50's. I know if you say that to someone from California they will get hypothermia at just the thought of being that cold. But, here in Idaho we are acclimated to the cold.

The Weather Channel has a map that shows when each state seems to think it is time to break out the sweaters. In Idaho, we are at the bottom of the list, saying that at 55 degrees most of us finally think it is time to wear a sweater. In Nevada and Arizona, they would be wearing coats and snow caps!

Maybe it's time for us in Idaho to break out the Ugly Christmas Sweaters early!

Is it still sweater weather for you or have you started wearing a coat? If 55 degrees is when we start wearing a jacket, when do we start wearing coats?