I saw a comment in an article on Only In Your State that Idaho ranked high among states in the US when it comes to obesity. But, when I did some digging, the stats that I found seem to tell an entirely different story.

Here is the statement from Only In Your State:

Idaho has the 2nd lowest obesity rate in the country, tied with Florida and 2nd only to Oregon.

That's awesome, if true. But, there's no link in their story to what they're referencing, so I was forced to locate it on my own, which rarely ends well.

One of the most recent stats I found was from CalorieLab from 2015. It shows Idaho not exactly near the top of the chart.

Map, CalorieLab

In their list, Idaho comes in at #29. That number is backed up by another ranking from State Of Obesity that also pegs Idaho at #29.

Who to believe?

Let me connect a few dots here. Homer Simpson likes donuts. Homer Simpson works at a nuclear power plant. Idaho has a nuclear laboratory. Therefore, Idaho is likely obese.

Sure glad we could clear that up.