Loads of candy. That's what my kids want for Halloween this year. They also want to go out by themselves or have me drive them to the neighborhoods over by the Twin Falls LDS Temple because they heard that those guys give good candy.

What will actually happen is I'll go with them to Trick Or Treat Street and then take them through the neighborhood around our house and call it good. If you are more ambitious and want to be sure to hit the best area, you'll need to head up to Nampa. They were just ranked by the mortgage website Smart Asset as the best place not only in Idaho, but in the entire United States to get a good haul of candy! Way to go Nampa.

Also, if you'd rather head down south into Utah and at almost the same distance as Nampa is the second best place for Halloween Trick-or-Treating in Orem, but nobody wants to travel to get second best.