If you are either a registered Republican or a member of the Constitution Party you may headed to vote in Idaho's Republican or Constitution Presidential Primary.

If you are not sure where to vote? Go to www.idahovotes.gov to see where your polling place is.

Here are the guidelines for voting in Idaho's Primary from the Twin Falls County Clerk:

You must be affiliated with either the Constitution or Republican Party to vote. If you are a registered Democrat you will be able to participate in the Idaho Democratic Caucus on March 22.

If you are unaffiliated with a political party there will be opportunity to align with a party at polling places. Unaffiliated voters will be able to sign the poll book.

If you are affiliated with a party you can use the party affiliation form to change the party you are aligned with.

If you intend to change party affiliation before the May 17 Primary you must do it no later than March 11.