I actually got in a heated argument today regarding body wash verse bar soap. Yup, body wash and bar soap!

Apparently, there's a large group of people that think you can not get clean by using body wash. There's also an equally large group of people that swears bar soap is gross.

I was surprised that I had a strong opinion about this silly discussion. I think body wash is weird and unclean. It has an odd texture and smells like everything but soap.

Women's Health reports that bar soaps are made chemical sodium hydocide which can dry out your skin. However, modern bar soap contains synthetic detergents which is less harsh on your skin. Some even come with hydrating oils that can improve your skin.

Body Wash won't dry out your skin like bar soap but most body washes are made with dyes and fragrances that can harm your skin, especially if you have sensitive skin. Women's Health did report that body wash was better than bar soap because after cleaning your skin, they contain moisturizers like petrolatum and shea butter that actually stay on your skin.