Today's America is split into 11 different nations based on geography and social and political norms. See if you agree with Idaho's classification.

Author and reporter Colin Woodward claims that America is basically split up into 11 nations. These borders and social attitudes that go with them, aren't anything new. They date back to the foundation of our country. And according to Woodward, these cultural boundaries haven't really changed over time. In fact, they're getting stronger. He says that over time, Americans are "sorting themselves into like minded communities."  In other words, we seem to want to surround ourselves by others who share the same ideals.

According to the map, Idaho is in the Far West.

The Great Plains and the Mountain West were built by industry, made necessary by harsh, sometimes inhospitable climates. Far Westerners are intensely libertarian and deeply distrustful of big institutions, whether they are railroads and monopolies or the federal government. - Colin Woodward

I hate to put Idaho in a box but I think the categorization is generally fair. I'm not saying that every Idahoan can be categorized; and while we may share ideals in some areas, we probably differ in others. Overall, do you think it's accurate?

If you want to take a look at all 11 region definitions and observations, you can read Colin Woodward's entire post in Tufts Magazine Fall 2013 Issue. The Washington Post also does a good job of breaking down all the information into a pretty easy read.