Imagine saying to your boss that you are going to go outside and sit on the grass for 10 minutes enjoying the beautiful Idaho weather or that you'll be at your desk watching YouTube videos for a while on the clock. Now, imagine doing that a few times a day. Doesn't seem right does it?

To me, that's exactly what happens when someone takes a smoke break at work. They aren't doing anything productive. They are just not working and getting paid. Maybe it is different at your work and smokers have to clock out to smoke or they don't even have that option. But if they do, can non smokers also clock out for a few to chill?

I bring this up because of something I read saying that it wasn't fair that women get maternity leave when they have a baby. Guys don't get it and women who aren't having babies don't get it either, and that's not fair, so it should be an all or none thing. I don't agree with that since I think new moms deserve the time (but that is a whole different argument). Smokers don't.