We had the pleasure of hosting Miss Idaho Sierra Sandison here at the station for interviews.  What an absolute delight!  She started the #ShowMeYourPump campaign to raise awareness about diabetes, not to mention she helped Nate Bird at our sister station KOOL 96.5 do his ice bucket challenge!She's aspiring to achieve an MBA, is an academic scholar, and has entrepreneurial hopes as well.  And while she didn't win the MIss America Pageant, she's clearly heading on to much greater things in life, and we are all rooting for her!

Then... there's the pageant.

Oy, where to begin.  Actually, here's THE video that sums it up so much better than I ever could... though I did NOT realize until watching John Oliver's Last Week Tonight about the shady financial statements the pageant makes.

Scholarships = good, but, uh, the swimsuit contest?  What year is this???

This is why I say I love the contestants but strongly dislike the pageant -- Miss Idaho deserves better!