If you haven't caught wind on social media, there's apparently a giant debate taking place over where the following picture is either:

A) Blue and black

B) White and gold

I simply have no idea how people are seeing white and gold. See my explanation below for why it's definitely A and definitely not B!!

How so many people are coming up with white and gold is beyond me. I think this for three reasons:

1) I just got my eyes checked recently and have a clean bill of health. This included a test for color blindness, which I passed with flying colors. I took another cheap one online a few minutes ago (which, granted, may be cheap and flimsy) but scored very highly.

2) There may be some variance in device displays. But I've checked this on three different desktops and my iPad.  All blue and black.

3) The most compelling reason in my opinion... open up any photo editor, select the color-picker/eyedropper tool so the COMPUTER matches your brush color to a selected pixel, and you get the following colors. (the tint or hue will vary a bit due to shadows and light the picture, but you get the idea).

What do you get? Blue. Maybe purpley. And black. Maybe some gray/browns for the darks.

STILL not convinced? Download a free eyedropper tool like this one. Drag the tool over any pixel on your screen, and it will give you a hexadecimal code. Put the code into any hexadecimal chart. You'll get various blues/purples and various blacks/browns/grays.