How to use your windshield wipers may seem like a silly lesson to teach, but over the last week it seems like a lesson that needs to be shared.

Do you know how many speed settings are on your car wipers? I've been driving this Nissan Titan Pro 4x from Rob Green Nissan Hyundai for the entire summer and haven't really had to use the wipers much. That is until last week when we got dumped on! During one of the big rain storms we had I pulled up to my house and sat there, just testing out the speeds of the wipers. There are 10 of them! I actually got a little exited (more so than I probably should have about windshield wiper speeds) because my other car only has 4 options. The real reason that I decided to make this video was that while I sat there I realized that the truck had another speed setting that I didn't know about. I had only pushed the wiper arm down to its second setting - but there are 3!

Sure it isn't really 'that' exciting, but it is nice to know that with this truck there are just that many more hidden tools and features. I'm sure there are more to be found down the road too. In the meantime use your wipers and stay safe on the wet roads.