Saw on HLN the discussion on the current movement #WomenAgainstFeminism and thought it was a very interesting debate, one that you may have an opinion on.

The way I understand it, the point is that a lot of women, especially younger ladies feel that "Feminism" has, over the years, become sort of a "man bashing movement", and that it almost victimizes women in a sense. There are a number of community pages on Facebook with this same idea, and the topic has been trending on Twitter. The idea seems to be that now, feminism is not exactly the same as equality. That feminism has become less about equality and more of a "Battle of the Sexes". What I think, is these young women, and a lot older ladies too are against sexism, patriarchy ideals, etc... but one of the posts on the Women Against Feminism Tumbr is a young lady holding a note that partly states,

I don't need modern feminism because it is unnecessarily divisive - we need as men and women to support each other + unite against oppression of all kinds, and not have our energies pitted against each other!

So, how do you feel about it?

I apologize if this offends anybody, but this is where my mind went when I first heard about this...