Diving the many ponds, lakes and rivers in the Magic Valley can be fun. But, would you be daring enough to try it at night? Scuba Idaho did and they found that certain creatures really love the bottom of Fishers Pond near Hagerman after dark.

The crawdads really come out at night

All I can say is that these people are braver than I am. A word of advice: do not watch this video if you are freaked out by crawdads. Here's how Scuba Idaho described their experience.

Night diving at Fischers Pond near Hagerman Idaho. We joined a decent size group of divers from River Rat for this fun dive! The crawdads really come out at night!

Just in case you're feeling adventurous, be aware that Fishers Pond is a cold water dive year-round. Diver's Buddy describes it as an almost constant 48 degrees no matter the time of year.

As for me, I will continue to choose to be where crawdads aren't at night. I will use my lack of scuba gear as an excuse.