We've all seen the power of social media the last several years, with businesses utilizing Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, an entire site dedicated to networking and is now a publicly traded company.

I mentioned to my coworkers that for the first time several months ago, I hired a house cleaner via Facebook. So far, clean house, and nothing stolen - my two criteria for a house cleaner.

But this raised an interesting discussion: what sorts of things would you do -- or better yet, what WOULDN'T YOU do -- through texting or social media? i.e. any medium where you aren't interacting face-to-face?

Then Buzzfeed reported that an employee at a Texarkana restauranted named Ironwood was terminated via a snarky text:

Hey it's Brittany from ironwood...just wanted to let you know that we don't need you to come in tomorrow night or next week we have all your shifts covered...I feel that road house would be a better fit...you obviously haven't learned how we do things at ironwood...take care and let us know where to send your last check

Would you do any do the following?

  1. Fire someone via text?
  2. Hire someone via the messaging system on Facebook?
  3. Break up with someone via text?
  4. Complain about an ex on Twitter?
  5. Tell someone ANYTHING via social media that you WOULDN'T say to their face?