It's a lot of fun to drive down to Shoshone Falls, especially when it has a lot of water coming over it. Can you imagine what it would be like to own land where you can literally have the Falls outside of your back door? Now, you can - for a price.

I found a lot available at the north end of Hankins Road on Zillow. It's over 52 acres and is nothing but land. Yes, but that land comes with a pretty famous view. As you can see in the pics, Shoshone Falls and the Canyon are your neighbors.

It looks like it's zoned for 2 to 4 lots, so if you're good with a hammer and nails, you could make a pretty penny building and selling homes here. Or, you could live like a Kardashian and just build one big mansion for you and your swans.

The pictures also give you an idea of the task ahead as far as landscaping goes. It appears to be sloped a bit and I would imagine the snakes will be pretty ticked when/if you remove the trees and rocks.

But, if you have the $4.5 million asking price, you can't ask for a better view. Imagine going to sleep with the sound of one of the world's premiere waterfalls as your serenade.