Don't take this wrong, Murtaugh, Idaho, but I don't think you're worth this much money. Some guy has a Airbnb listed in Murtaugh and he's asking $825 a night to stay there.

I suspect that something is amiss with this place. Please don't misunderstand. I have no doubt that the guy that lists this place is an upstanding fellow. It shows he's from New Jersey, but I have no problem with a young guy on the east coast owning Idaho property and making some money on it.

But, if you read the description, you'll notice that Murtaugh has something that I never realized that Murtaugh had. Read what he says carefully.

Everything you need to unwind and enjoy all Seattle has to offer. Split your time between bedroom, sun room, living room, and outdoor deck instead of being confined to one little room. Completely private space with separate entrance and full private

Seattle? I've never been good at reading maps, but think that would be quite the commute.

I figured that maybe "Sammy" just forgot to put the "Idaho" word in where the state goes. But, there is no "Murtaugh" that I can find that is anywhere near Seattle.


Let's give this guy the benefit of the doubt and assume he has a rocket rail system under this very nice apartment that will help you "enjoy all Seattle has to offer". Ahem.