Amazon is getting into the grocery store business and that's either a very good or very bad thing depending on your preferences. If this opened in Twin Falls, would you shop there?

The word of Amazon selling groceries has been trending on Facebook after the Wall Street Journal reported they're thinking of opening over 2,000 stores around the country.

It's when you check out the details that you begin to understand how different an Amazon grocery store would be. Some locations will only offer drive-up service. Others will be brick and mortar, but will not have checkout lanes. When you walk in the store, the store will already know you're Amazon account number. You just pick out your groceries and when you leave, the amount for each item will be deducted from your Amazon account.

Convenient? Sure. More than a little spooky? Absolutely. I can only imagine the potential security problems a set up like this would involve.

But, I tend to be paranoid. Maybe, you're a little more trusting?