With the unveiling of a new, more powerful Nintendo 3DS, it's not a surprise that Nintendo would want to announce a game that takes full advantage of the new device's specs. What we didn't expect, however, is the game they decided to announce for it.

Xenoblade Chronicles, the gigantic Wii RPG that almost didn't make it over to the West, is now being ported to the 3DS! This is a full port of the game, and as such requires the updated processing power of the New 3DS. Sorry current owners, for you it's upgrade or get out.

Iwata explained during the Nintendo Direct that a port of Xenoblade to 3DS was something that a lot of people in the company wanted to happen, but it wasn't possible until the system was enhanced to meet its needs. The New 3DS and New 3DS XL seem to be that device, so now we're getting portable open-world adventuring in the palms of our hands.

We love the idea of porting this classic to the 3DS, but we're wondering why the new 3DS is required for it. We would have taken a game with a few cuts in it for the current system as opposed to needing a new device to play this remake. We're hoping that "New 3DS exclusive" doesn't become the standard or people will get irked pretty fast.

Xenoblade 3DS is said to be launching in 2015, but we'll have more news on this game as it breaks.