If you go to Yellowstone National Park in the summer, it's not unusual to see the occasional grizzly bear and/or cub. In February, not a normal occurrence. But, according to reports, a grizzly has already been spotted in the park.

The National Park Service reported on their website that the first grizzly was spotted just days ago.

Blame the relatively mild winter weather for the early emergence of bears in the Greater Yellowstone area.

The first confirmed report of grizzly bear activity in Yellowstone occurred on February 9. A grizzly bear was observed late in the afternoon, scavenging on a bison carcass in the central portion of the park.

This has affected the planned closures around Yellowstone that are designed to keep bears and humans at a safe distance. So, if you're planning winter trip to Yellowstone, better keep a close eye on park updates to make sure you know what areas are open.