You go to Shoshone Falls Park for the waterfalls. But, according to one Yelp reviewer, it's actually full of flies

This number of flies is a little ridiculous.

Here's a basic fact for those that have never visited Twin Falls (or anywhere). There are flies outside. That's where flies live. Anyway, here's part of what they had to say in their review.

It's decent, but I don't plan on ever coming back. $3 to hang out with a ton of people and flies. Granted it is Labor Day weekend, so the people are to be expected. This number of flies is a little ridiculous.

Oh, and they were kind enough to share a picture, too.

Photo, user John M. via Yelp

Yep, that's a lot of flies. I know if I have a lot of flies on me, I'm asking myself some very personal questions about what has happened to my life. What about you? Do you think Shoshone Falls Park has too many flies?