Here’s a story of good intentions gone bad.  THIS is also a story of what happens when you tuck a cigarette behind your ear for later . . . then get so drunk that you lose all logic, reason, and basic motor skills.

Last week, police saw 53-year-old David Wagner of Jensen, Florida swerving in his Saturn.  They pulled him over and found that he was drunk.  REALLY drunk.

And this was the big sign.  At one point it seems he reached for the cigarette behind his ear . . . grabbed his HEARING AID out of his ear instead . . . didn’t realize it . . . then tried to LIGHT and SMOKE his hearing aid.

After a cop pointed that out, David admitted he’d had, quote, “way too much” to drink:  He said he put down about half a bottle of Jagermeister.

He wasn’t at a bar either.  He was actually out on a mission to buy a chocolate milkshake for his wife because she’d had some teeth removed earlier that day.

He was arrested and charged with DUI.