Real estate values in Twin Falls have risen steadily over the past twenty-five years. According to the Neighborhood Scout website, total appreciation rate is at nearly 143% since 1990. But, there are two regions in Twin Falls where home values are rising quicker than others. 

2. Washington St to S. Park

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According to the numbers, 69% of homes in this area are valued between $110,000 and $219,000.

1. Blue Lakes to Cheney Drive

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A whopping 85% of the homes in the region of Twin between Blue Lakes and Cheney are valued at over $110,000. 20% are over $329,000.

The good news for all of us is that virtually the entire area is seeing increased home values. So, if you own your residence, your home is more than likely making money for you.

Check out home appreciation rates for all of Twin Falls on the Neighborhood Scout website.