I've lived in Twin Falls since 1987. You'd think I know how to pronounce all the names of places around the valley.

I thought I had gotten past all the hard ones when I moved here in '87.  Words like Shoshone, (not Shoshon-EE)  Buhl, Filer... And local businesses like Brizee Heating. (Bri-ZEE, not Breezy.)  I've lived here long enough to have screwed them up once or twice and now I know better.

When you start to think about it, there's a number of Twin Falls businesses whose names aren't exactly pronounced like you'd think.

  • Brizee - Bri-ZEE
  • Charmac - Shar-mac
  • Veeh Property Management - "V"
  • Choate's Family Diner - Cho-ats
  • Zurchers - ZurKers
  • Lezamiz Real Estate - La-thaw-meeze

This whole thing has gotten me to wonder, what other names have we been getting wrong all this time?