Some people can find a way to complain about even the best situations. I just took my family on a four day camping vacation to Featherville. The weather was perfect and the river water was surprisingly pleasant, plus the hot springs made it possible to perfect your water temperature in small pools along the banks. The bugs were a minimum and we had more food than we were able to eat. Yet, my kids were still able to complain that they wanted to go home because they missed their beds and screen time. I swear, screen time is like a super-addictive drug.

What Are People Saying on Yelp! About Twin Falls?

It isn't just kids who complain, even adults can act like babies. I even recently complained about Dierkes Lake for personal reasons, and I actually like Dierkes. Some people come from around the world to see the sights in and around Twin Falls and if you come at the wrong time, you're bound to be disappointed. It's usually the ones who are disappointed that will leave reviews online and there are some pretty scathing and hilarious reviews on Yelp! from tourists expressing their disappointment in Twin Falls.

Hilarious Yelp! Reviews Of Twin Falls

You just can't please some people.
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I think it's interesting that on the Yelp! reviews that Dierkes Lake didn't have any negative comments. Everyone always complains in person at least about the gross water or goose poop, but nothing online but good words. Not surprising s that everyone loves the Perrine Coulee Falls. The hike to them is easy and you get to walk behind a waterfall: that's a total win.

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