If you have kids in your house, how are you doing?

Are you going crazy? Hiding in your bedroom or the bathroom to get some alone time? Maybe you're making up excuses to go for a drive to a store or somewhere (anywhere) that isn't your house. For those parents with kids who need to be occupied and out of the house more, remember the light at the end of the tunnel: five day school for the Twin Falls School District starts again on March 8, 2021.

I'm not saying our kids are being naughty with all the extra time at home, but they do seem to get bored more often and games, reading, screen time, and constant snacking only get them so far. In Twin Falls, we have the answer to the pandemic monotony. Take your kids somewhere indoors (that isn't your house) to play.

  • Laser Mania - you can play laser tag, arcade games, and mini golf.
  • Jumptime - here's a great way to burn up any extra energy your kids are hiding in their tiny bodies.
  • Pickleball Time - I decided a few weeks ago that I want to play pickleball and I bought paddles and balls. I also just found out that there are indoor courts you can play on next to Jumptime at Pickleball Time. Now I just need to learn the rules for the game.
  • Escape Rooms - who knows, you may lose one of your kids. The escape rooms are a fun way to get family to play and work together to achieve a goal.
  • Herrett Center - the museum is open with artifacts and art exhibits.
  • Faulkner Planetarium - at the planetarium you can watch a variety of cool and educational videos on the huge dome screen.
  • Gemstone Climbing - they are doing special kids classes with obstacle courses. They also offer yoga and fitness classes.
  • City Pool - if swimming during the winter is what you need and you don't want to freeze, check out the open times for the City Pool.
  • Bowling - we have a few options for bowling in Twin Falls. The Bowladrome is open for lane fun and Magic Bowl has changed their name. They are now Magic Town Center.
  • Movie Theater - yes, believe it or not there are movies playing at the theater.
  • Skateland - my kids have decided they really like roller blading and skating and Skateland lets them do both.

It's pretty cool that we have so many options in Twin Falls. It's also pretty cool that most of these kids activities are also things adults can enjoy with their children.

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