Having a good mom is almost as good as winning the lottery. There is nothing better than having someone love you unconditionally. According to inspire more, there are 14 specific signs that you had an awesome mom as a child:

  1. She made you talk to adults even though your were embarrassed.
  2. She encouraged and complimented you.
  3. She was super goofy with you...you had a blast together.
  4. You could confide in her and she would listen and care.
  5. She made you believe you could change the world.
  6. She had your back...and people knew it.
  7. She wasn’t afraid to tell you harsh truths.
  8. She packed your school lunches and added your favorite snack.
  9. She might have fallen asleep 10 minutes into a movie, but she’d start them with you anyway.
  10. If you were sick and needed her, she’d drop everything and come to the rescue.
  11. She never failed to tell you she loved you.
  12. She made your Birthday’s amazing!
  13. She got really into your sports games.
  14. She was the one standing beside you, even if everyone else walked away.

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