Terrible parking time is here again. But first, I think we need to congratulate drivers in Twin Falls for improving their parking skills. Our last gallery was almost six months ago and even with the winter months we received less photo entries than normal. That's impressive because usually winter streets lead to some pretty bad parking jobs. That doesn't mean everyone is doing a good job as proven by the newest batch of terrible parking pictures.

Bad Parking February 2020

This gallery is loaded with different examples of how your terrible parking looks and how it can impact other drivers. Even a tire just a few inches across the line can cause a domino effect of bad parking. Sometimes the bad parking isn't even due to an issue with lines. Often, as seen in the galleries below, it just seems like people don't really know where their car starts and ends. Maybe if you get out and realize you are three feet away from the curb or your truck bed is a few feet out into the parking lot, get back in and move your vehicle.

Terrible Parking 081319

Some of our previous galleries have included pictures with valid reasons for the lack of line obedience. Usually we give a free pass to someone parked in a handicapped spot, or in many cases on the lines of the handicapped spot. That is why there are lines so the people with special needs can have the room they need. We still include them sometimes though if the car didn't have disabled tags displayed or it was just a good looking bad parking picture. If you ever get a good bad parking picture make sure you send it our way through the station app. Park well friends and hopefully we don't see you in the next gallery.

Terrible Parking In Twin Falls

Bad Parking In Twin Falls

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