There is a gorgeous $2.5 million home for sale in Albion Idaho, if you are looking for a ranch and potential business attached to it. The place is stunning and there is so much land. You know, if you have an extra couple million hanging around.

This home/ranch in Albion is a whopping 820 acres of land with a 6 bedroom and 3 bathroom house on it. It says in the description that there is an RV park attached as well that is known as "Lonesome Dove Outpost" and there are 9 hook ups for campers to come in and enjoy.

The ranch is at 1372 East 1100 South in Albion and it even comes with it's own pond for stock water and irrigation. The location is pretty awesome, it is only 12 miles from Pomerelle Ski Resort, so if you get bored not being able to ranch much in the winter it would be easy to enjoy the lifts.

The main draw to this place is obviously the land. There are some absolutely stunning views. There isn't very many photos of the home/lodge you would actually be living in. But I guess if you had $2.5 million to spend on this place, you probably have the money to turn the home into anything you could possibly want. It looks like a place that anyone who enjoys the country could easily fall in love will.

Guess it is time for me to start saving my pennies and one day maybe I can own this place.

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