There is no place that I know that considers the word "strange" as a compliment as much as we do in Southern Idaho. Well, with that in mind, you can again smile as two of our Magic Valley locations have been named the most unusual in Idaho.

Only In Your State decided it would be a good idea to name the top 11 most mysterious and unusual Idaho sites. It figures that we would end up on that list multiple times. Truthfully, I'm surprised we didn't take up every slot in their ranking.

Ritter Island, located near Thousand Springs, made the list at #4. Register Rock in the City of Rocks came in at #2.

If you're not familiar with Register Rock, it featured signatures from many original pioneers in Idaho. It's the rock that me and my family would have seen if we would have successfully arrived at City of Rocks last spring. (*sigh*)

Be aware that there is more than one Register Rock in Idaho. Pioneers were also very fond of putting their names on a rock in Massacre Rocks State Park near American Falls.

So, even our strange places have strange things about them. Doesn't that just figure?

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