If you want to find an affordable home in Idaho, you need to look in the Magic Valley. Two of our towns just made the most affordable cities in Idaho list.

Smart Asset did a new study that factored in a bunch of stuff (not the technical term) involving the cost of buying a home. It included the following metrics:

  • Average closing costs
  • Annual property tax
  • Annual homeowner's insurance
  • Average mortgage payment
  • Median income

With all the numbers crunched, Rupert came in at #5 and Burley landed at #10. No offense to those cities, but when I think of housing in the Magic Valley, "affordable" is not the word that comes to mind. "Impossible" would probably be the first word off my lips.

The #1 most affordable Idaho city according to this study was Kuna. Go figure. Really. Check out the complete Smart Asset study to see where you get the most bang for your housing buck.

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