Most of us are back to work today.  Here's the results from yesterday's poll:  Did you work today?

  • 33.3% Did work on Monday
  • 53.3% Did NOT work on Monday
  • 13.3% Said "Define Work"

Here's the article from yesterday:

Is this true, people NOT wanting a vacation day?  Actually according to a new report 28% of American's say there are too many federal holidays.  I'll fill in the gaps after the jump.

I'm working today, but I love my job and I love working.  I could be sick or according to a new report from Rasmussen Reports, I may be normal-ish.

  • 28% of American Adults say there are already too many federal holidays
  • 13% say there aren’t enough of them
  • 53% say the number of federal holidays is about right

I get that not working slows productivity, but burning out could slow productivity even more.

The National Taxpayers Union has estimated that a federal holiday costs roughly $450 million in holiday pay and salary for lost productivity, but it’s important to note that our question did not include that information.

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