2020 really hasn't been a year full of good news with COVID-19, Murder Hornets, and now the cancellation of Christmas in the Nighttime Sky, but that doesn't mean good things haven't happened. I've seen on social media and in the news so many stories of people doing good and helping their neighbors and complete strangers who have been in need during the pandemic. Even businesses are learning to cope and evolve as Amazon just rescheduled and wrapped up their Prime Days after cancelling them early in the pandemic. Another good thing coming out of 2020 is three days of Black Friday deals at Walmart happening in November.

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I think that in a year where everything seems to be tough, knowing you have three chances to get in on the Walmart deals makes shopping a little less scary and stressful. Hopefully spreading the deals out (even the days are social distanced) will help avoid the massive crowds and mobbing that often happen on a regular Black Friday. That would be nice. NBC reported this week that the new deal days will actually be more than just three days. The first Black Friday will begin November 4th online and in store on the 7th. The next Black Friday will start online again on the 11th and in store on the 14th. The final day of deals will be on the original Black Friday, November 25th.

This year has pretty much forced me, and many others, to get with the times and start using the online options available for shopping. Before the pandemic I never ordered groceries or random items from a local store online. I didn't like the thought of having someone else pick out my groceries and fishing lures, but here we are at the end of 2020 and I'm debating ordering supplies online for a room upgrade. I say 'debating' because I don't know if I'm ready to give up my power and let an employee at Lowe's or Home Depot pick out my lumber and wall switches. Though I do like the idea of not having to carry it around the store.

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