With summer now officially underway, float tube season has arrived. One of the state's best floats is located a couple of hours northwest of Twin Falls along a stretch of the Boise River.

This time of year thousands of Idahoans gather southeast of Boise at Barber Park to take a peaceful, five-mile float to nearby Ann Morrison Park. The Boise River flows for over 100 miles in southwestern Idaho and is a Snake River tributary. Parking at Ann Morrison and getting a lift with your tubes or rafts to Barber Park is the best course of action when doing this float.

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For those that don't have float tubes, they can be rented at Barber Park. The entire trip takes about three hours and sun screen and water are a must. The adventure vlog channel ViewCation recently named the float (#6) a top ten must-do in Boise.

As with any activity involving water, mixing alcohol can lead to dangerous consequences, and drinking while floating on the river is prohibited. Boise police patrol the area, and each year citations are handed out to people not obeying the law.

Expect a large number of people on the river if you float later in the day. Those looking for a relaxing experience should get into the water at Barber Park by 11 A.M., which means you'll be able to wrap up the entire float and get back to your automobile by 2 P.M.

Be careful out on the water this summer in Idaho, and be courteous to your fellow floaters, paddleboarders, boaters, and kayakers.

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