Never been that big of a soccer fan? What about Boobs? Are you a fan of Boobs? Brazil pulls'em out to promote what the Vengaboys say is "Brazil and it's Culture", with their video for the 2014 World Cup Anthem.

It's a catchy tune... (I think, I will have to listen to it another 5 or 6 times to be sure). It's called, "2 Brazil" and it is the anthem for the 2014 Brazilian World Cup. The video doesn't feature anything about soccer, only a little about Brazil with a flimsy piece of Jewelry and has definitely interested me to learn a LOT more about their culture for some odd reason.

In the YouTube description it says the video is to promote the FIFA World Cup and the beauty of breasts. Fourteen famous dutch fashion designers created more than 60 nipple covers for the video.

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