Last week we missed out on the Strawberry Full Moon over Southern Idaho because the clouds were too thick. Or you missed it because you didn't care or forgot. I forgot. That's OK though because we have another great sky event happening in July that you'll be able to see even if you don't care. As we celebrate America with fireworks the full moon will be rising over Idaho and it will be in the process of an eclipse. The 4th of July eclipse will not be a full eclipse, but a penumbral eclipse according to, where only a portion of the moon is obscured. For Twin Falls, that eclipse begins before the moon even rises but it could be cool as the eclipse finishes on the horizon and we are blowing up fireworks.

Lunar Eclipse Path credit Space

At Time and Date, they have a list of all the upcoming eclipses and where they will be best seen. For us here in Idaho we'll get an even better penumbral eclipse with most of the moon covered on November 30th this year. Our next chance for a total lunar eclipse will be May 26th, 2021. That will be an eclipse worth watching for because during a total lunar eclipse the moon turns a dark red color.

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Shadows During Idaho Solar Eclipse

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