Don’t be surprised if we’re paying five dollars a gallon by June.  The price per gallon is again creeping up and we shouldn’t be living with any illusions.  Many of the same conditions that caused last summer’s spike in price are still with us, and Joe Biden has essentially drained the strategic reserve on the cusp of World War Three.  Not that it made any difference at all and was sold on the world market to China!

Joe Biden and his fellow lefties are staring at an approaching election in 2024 and they’re worried.  Their tree-hugging kook-a-loo approach to energy is cratering.  Biden did an about-face and partially approved a drilling project in Alaska.  The granola gobblers are fuming.  Check out this link from the Sierra Club.  Sometimes lobbyist cash doesn’t work when people are faced with a choice of buying fuel or paying for groceries.  The news release also claims indigenous tribes feel betrayed by the Willow Project.  That’s mostly a bald-faced lie.  A guy who runs a gambling casino on the Oneida Nation in New York doesn’t live anywhere near Alaska.  The native people of our 50th state aren’t afraid of hard work and they don’t like poverty.  This is a jobs program for the tribes.

The wealthy liberals fueling opposition to drilling don’t live in Third World conditions.  Indigenous people aren’t museum pieces for the entertainment of American liberals.

Alaska is a small step.  In less than two years we can choose a government that can restore sanity.  If we can survive the onslaught of liberal idiots between now and then.

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