I've always considered Twin Falls a safe place to live overall. And if you ask a transplant from out of state or even a larger Idaho metro like Boise, they'll likely tell you that our issues with crime in the Magic Valley pale in comparison. But as our area continues to grow, it goes without saying that criminal activity should be expected to increase.

Neighborhood Scout compiles data provided annually by the FBI, factoring metrics like property and violent crimes relative to population, and rendered this list of the five most dangerous neighborhoods in Twin Falls, according to the numbers.

A note about the neighborhood divisions

The way they split up Twin Fall geography, it's more accurate to call these areas rather than neighborhoods. While the numbers are still accurate, the way they grouped parts of Twin Falls seemed counterintuitive to how most of us view our geography.

By the numbers, here they are ranked from least to most dangerous:

#5 East Twin Falls

This area includes a good portion of the numbered streets in downtown Twin Falls, east of Blue Lakes, and the neighborhoods to the southeast.

#4 South Twin Falls

This area is farther south of Orchard in Twin Falls and includes some established and relatively newer subdivisions.

#3 South Park

For as long as I've lived here, the south side of Twin has always seemed to have gotten a bad rap. Some nice new neighborhoods have developed here over the last several years.

#2 President Streets

These areas to the north and south of the College of Southern Idaho, include the bulk of the president's streets and have been listed as the 2nd most dangerous neighborhoods in Twin Falls.

#1 Downtown Twin Falls

Downtown Twin Falls is considered the most dangerous in Twin Falls, including many of the numbered streets, Main Street, and the Twin Falls City Park.

Safety is relative

There aren't many places on this list where I wouldn't be comfortable walking in broad daylight. And the term 'dangerous' is relative to what you're used to. It's fair to assert that Twin Falls isn't as safe as in the 90s, just as the 90s weren't as secure as prior decades. The more you grow, the more people you have; and the more people you have, the more crime. The proof is in the numbers.

You can see a more in-depth breakdown of the numbers on the Neighborhood Scout website. 

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